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Recent Changes at Pioneer Industries.

To: All Pioneer Customers

From: Mitchell Dorf

As of Monday, April 9th, I would like to announce that I have successfully completed a
transaction in which Pioneer has reacquired the shares of Jeffrey and Robert Haversat.
I wish Jeff and Rob much success as they move forward toward their goal in private
equity. During our seven year relationship Pioneer was able to accomplish some
significant milestones.

With the recent loss of John Goforth and with the change in ownership, I will gradually
become more involved in sales over the next few months. John was a great ambassador
for Pioneer and a person I could never replace. I’m fortunate that John put together a
great team of sales reps along with opening some wonderful accounts. John had a great
vision for Pioneer going forward and I look forward to continuing his plan.
Going forward I’m hoping to spend more time with sales and customer service, as
well as visiting our customers. As Pioneer continues to innovate with new equipment,
products and technology, I would like to share those advantages first hand with our
customers. During the next few months, I’m looking forward to announcing some new
and exciting changes. I’m hopeful this will give our customers additional advantages in
their perspective markets. As the economy hopefully starts to pick up, Pioneer’s goal is
to have more available finished inventory, better service and continue with the quality
our customers have come to rely on. I look forward to speaking with all of you in the near

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