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New Price Book now available for download March 1, 2011

Updated Prices to 2011 Pioneer Price Book

Since the printing of our new 2011 Price Book, we have updated prices to five products. Pioneer has made these edits to the on-line version of the 2011 Price Book and will reprint these pages in the current print edition and send these pages to all customers. When you receive the updated pages, please insert them in your binder.

1. Pages 32, 34, 36&38:  Roton Hinge – $70 list
2. Pages 34&36: Dutch Door up to 3676 UL A-Label – $691 list
3. Page 57: 14 Gauge – 60% add to list price
4. Page 65: Extra Features CHT (1-3/4” only) –  $300
5. Page 65 – Rabbetted Panel – $400

Our new prices will be effective March 1, 2011. In revising the price book we have also implemented many suggestions from our customers to improve the format and have updated many of our engineering extras as well.


Please notice, we have not increased our prices across the board. There are quite a few items, within our engineering up charges that will remain the same, and in many cases, are reduced. Here are a few examples: Door undercuts, Dutch door pricing, hinge variations and special trim dimensions.


Thanks to you, our customers, Pioneer has experienced wonderful growth, which has allowed us to make extensive equipment upgrades to refine our manufacturing methods. These improvements allow us to reduce operational costs, and the savings are passed on to you.


Pioneer will continue to develop our infrastructure and build a stronger foundation that will allow us to increase our capacity, be more efficient, considerably minimize turn around times (see Published Lead Times) and add overall value.


For example, we have introduced new delivery programs such as our 15/40 Program  – 15 day delivery on orders of 40 doors (maximum), and our 15/150 Program – 15 day delivery on orders of 150 frame pieces (maximum).


Another example where we have added value is our new S Series hollow metal doors and frames that are prepped for hardware to match locations of most doors manufactured. What’s more, they are engineered to comply with specifications submitted by architects and specification writers.


Pioneer Industries is a company that has built its reputation atop three principles on which our customers can always rely: Quality. Value. Personal Attention.


And remember, behind every Pioneer hollow metal door is our policy of strictly adhering the SDI standards of quality and performance, combining strength, dimensional stability and structural integrity– and our doors are still made in the USA.


Discover the difference Pioneer can make in your next project – Discover More.


Thank you for your loyalty and continued business.

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