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Standing up to the task at hand.

Being a market-driven manufacturer of hollow metal doors and frames means we never seek ways to adapt our current products or technologies to fit a given situation. Instead we examine the specific needs of end-user or customer circumstances and evaluate the potential for creating a sound solution.  Questions come before answers. Answers to these and other questions define our process and serve as the foundation for product development.

Such is the case for the development of our Pio-Cane70 Series Door and Frame for use in the state of Florida, specifically engineered for applications in High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).

Our full-flush, 1-3/4 inch Pio-Cane Series 70 Doors and Frames are FBC (#7971) approved for high-velocity hurricane zones including Miami and Dade counties. Innovation is the fuel that powered our development of our exclusive the Pio-Cane door and frame series and has made us the dominant supplier in the Florida market. Engineering a door to withstand hurricane strength winds is no small task. Our 16 A60 gage galvannealed steel doors feature a rigid polystyrene core and interlocking seams on both the hinge and lock edges that are tack welded every 12 inches with hinge reinforcements of 3/16 inches thick which is in strict accordance with ANSI A 250.6-2003.  Additionally, All doors are internally reinforced with a 12 gage plate both sides of the door to secure surface applied door closures and holders.

Pio-Cane frames are fabricated from 14 gage steel having reinforced welded corners to accept approved security hardware and door construction complies with ANSI A250.8-2003 (SDI 100)

Engineering a strong solution to minimize damage caused by Florida’s hurricane-strength winds is typical of our market-driven approach to every building challenge challenge: analyze the need, then develop a unique product solution.

Complete Pio-cane 70 Series Door and Frame specifications and details are available at  and

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